Blazoen General information

The society aims to publish 4 editions a year of its heraldic magazine “Blazoen” (“Escutcheon” or “achievement”).

Blazoen contains among others:

  • Historic and current heraldic events and practices. (some with English summaries)
  • A section “Heraldiek anders (Heraldry differently”)
  • A section for asking questions, sharing interesting facts and general comments: “Vrijkwartier” (“Kanton”)
  • Publication of recently registered coats of arms: “Levende Heraldiek” (Living heraldry”).

Blazoen is send to the Friends of the Dutch Heraldry Society.

Friends who live outside The Netherlands will only receive a digital copy of Blazoen (PDF).

Submission of articles

Articles may be submitted to the editors of the society.

Preferably, articles should be submitted digitally as plain text. Illustrations, photos or drawings, should at least contain 300dpi on the intended publication size.

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