Guild of Heraldic Artists (GHK, formerly De Kraanvogel):

The Dutch Heraldry Society promotes a good quality of the study of heraldry in the Netherlands. The society has two active points of interest being the enlargement of heraldic knowledge as a culture-historical phenomenon and the stimulation of ‘living’ heraldry.

The first point of interest is given form in the publishing of the quarterly magazine Blazoen, which aims to be a meeting point for people who have a shared interest in heraldry.

Living heraldry is stimulated by the society by handing out letters patent for historic coats of arms as well as newly designed arms. A central role in this is played by the College of Heralds (CvH), a team of heraldic experts which gives information, advice and reviews the requests for letters patent. In the review heraldic, historical and genealogical aspects are taken into consideration.

An important review tool are the ‘seven pillars’ for the use and designing of non noble family coats of arms, which have been drawn up by the society and can be downloaded here (hier).

Beside this the general rule employed is that a historical coat of arms is used on the grounds of lineage, name similarity and inheritance, and also that a newly designed coat of arms is hereditary.

To the society the in our country living heraldic designers and heraldic artists are important partners. They determine the quality of the living heraldry. Those among them who subscribe to the seven pillars and the above mentioned points of interest, will if they want – after a review by the admission board- be admitted to the Guild of Heraldic Artists.

Admission to the Guild also entails inclusion in the joint portfolio that contains the heraldic paintings created by guild members (painted or (computer) drawn) that may be used on the letters patent of the society. The portfolio can be seen at the bottom of the page letters patents/examples (wapenbrieven/voorbeelden).
The society can redirect applicants that ask the society for a letter patent to members of the Guild. Beneath you will find a list of guild members.

The guild members themselves are responsible for the quality of their work and a correct handling of their clients. The society is in disputes between guild members and clients in all cases not a party in the dispute.

Members of the Guild of Heraldic Artists (GHK):

Secretary Guild of Heraldic Artists (De Kraanvogel)

A: Akerstraat Noord 43, 6446 XC Brunssum, The Netherlands

T: 0455 2256 45

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The picture of the Kraanvogel is made by Henk ‘t Jong van

Heraldisch atelier de Raaf

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