Members of the Guild of Heraldic Artists

As the ‘Dutch Society for Heraldry’, we are committed to encorige the realisation of a good quality of heraldry practice in the Netherlands. Our policy has two focus points for this:

  • To increase the knowledge about heraldry as a cultural-historical phenomenon. We do this, among other things, by publishing our quarterly Blazoen magazine and organizing ‘heraldic days‘.
  • Stimulating the ‘living heraldry’ through, among other things, letters patent, publishing the coats of arms in registers and this ‘Gilde’ with heraldic designers and painters who meet our quality requirements.

Living heraldry

Living heraldry is stimulated by the Society by giving out letters patent for coat of arms and involving high-quality heraldic designers and painters. They are important partners for us in the daily practice, since they determine the quality of contemporary heraldry. Designers and painters who endorse our seven pillars of designing and conducting non-noble family arms as the starting point can request us to be allowed to join our Guild of Heraldic Artists. Admission is at the discretion of the Board.


Inclusion in the Guild also means inclusion in the joint portfolio with images of coats of arms made by the guild members (painted or (computer) drawn). The work of members may be used on our letters. If you are intersted in the work of a member, we could bring you into cantact with him.

The members of our guild

The picture of the Kraanvogel is made by Henk ‘t Jong of the Heraldic Studio ‘de Raaf’ This crane was once the symbol of the “Heraldic Gezelschap De Kraanvogel”, whose current guild represents a revival.

The original group was founded in 1991, among others by Karel van den Sigtenhorst, with the aim of dealing responsibly with the standards of heraldry and the provision of high-quality work. ”

Please note:

The guild members themselves are responsible for the quality of their work and a correct handling of their clients. The society is in disputes between guild members and clients in all cases not a party in the dispute.

Secretary Guild of Heraldic Artists

A: Akerstraat Noord 43, 6446 XC Brunssum, The Netherlands

T: 0455 2256 45

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