Welcome to the Dutch Heraldry Society (DHS)

The Foundation Nederlands Genootschap voor Heraldiek (Dutch Heraldry Society) was founded by the current board in Hilversum on 18th  November 2014.

The board is concerned about the demise and fragmentation of the ‘heraldic landscape’ in the Netherlands and tries to stop this and reform it in a positive way by being an independent organisation in this area.

The foundation DHS pursues the following:

The promotion of heraldry (the science concerning the meaning of heraldic arms) as a cultural inheritance in as well as outside the Netherlands and doing what is in coherence with this or beneficial to that aim.

Important activities of the DHS are:

  • The publication of the heraldic  magazine Blazoen
  • The issue of  letters patent to the clergy, corporations and families.
  • The maintenance of three heraldic rolls being:
  1. Ecclesiastical roll of arms
  2. Corporate roll of arms
  3. Family names roll of arms.
  • Maintenance of the website of the society.
  • Organisation of a ‘Heraldic Day’ once a year.

If you want to support heraldry, you can become a friend of the society starting at 25 euros a year.

If you want to contribute as a volunteer, you are most welcome.

For information and registration you can contact the secretary or you can fill out our contact-form on the website.

You haveve reached the new website of the DHS. The site has been operational since 28th June 2017. The goal is that a part of the site will be operational in French, German and English . At this moment this particular part of the site is not ready yet. We endeavour to complete these parts in 2018.

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